”Listen, Hergal, I stated, ”I’m afraid I’ve put in an order to have you officially cut out of my circle of friends. It’s not that I don’t like you. I mean, you’re really lovely, particularly with your??er??wings, but I’m just tired of everyone coming up and saying to me: ‘Is it true that you know that floop Hergal? Do tell!’”

”I see,” said Hergal. He didn’t even have the politeness to cry. Everyone in the Jang always cries when they’re officially cut out of circles.

”Oh well, there’s nothing more to be said then, Hergal.” I got down from the chair and bounced on the crystallize-rubber floor. My bee fell on my head.

”Oh farathoom!” I snapped.

Hergal looked a bit surprised, but he didn’t bat a gold fiber eyelash until I strode to the doorway.

”Er,” he ventured then.

”What did you say?”

”Er,” Hergal admitted. ”Perhaps you’d tell me what circle you’re cutting me out of.”

”Mine, you thalldrap!” I yelled.

”But … who are you exactly?”

Biting the Sun, Tanith Lee.

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